I cannot put into words the transformational nature of attending Sherida’s Sedona Retreat. I left Los Angeles seeking something more and feeling disconnected. I returned with a profound sense of self and purpose, as well as a tribe of women who support me. I thank God that I did not make any excuses, that I prioritized myself and listened to that small voice inside of me that said, “Go!” In a word—LIFE CHANGING. – Thea Monyee

I have always been in pretty good shape because over the years I belonged to a gym and exercised off and on, now and then.
I started taking a yoga class faithfully, once a week a few years ago, but the class was for Senior Citizens. It finally came to me that I needed to kick it up a notch because I was having trouble with my arms, upper torso and knees. I could not even reach up with my left arm to get dishes down. I went to therapy and they helped me with the reach but I was still having the other problems.

After going to different yoga classes around town, I finally found out about Crenshaw Yoga. No matter how hard I tried, I could not do some of the yoga stances. After taking one of Sherida’s classes, I found out that she did private classes and I JUMPED ON THAT, because I knew I was never going to be able to do some of the stances without some help. After taking private classes with Sherida two and three times a week for a couple of months, I am able to do whatever she puts on me. The reason I could not do the stances was my arms and legs were too weak and needed strengthening along with not do them correctly.  And Sherida strengthened me.
I am happy I was not able to do the Down Dog and Plank, among others things, because Sherida taught me to do the stances correctly and not hurt myself.

Barbara Calloway