The great waters.  Yemoja is the top and the deepest depths we find Olukun.

Number- 7
Element- Water
Sound- Vammm
Color- Blue/White
Associations- Nurturer, fertility, motherhood, family issues, women issues, mermaids, ocean, shells, fishermen, Dolphins.
Chakra- 2nd Swadhisthana- Is ruled by both Yemoja and Oshun.

Live in your joy.  Love more, give more, receive more.


Balancing life takes effort, skill, but mostly perseverance.  Thrive!  Strengthen the core.


Happy New Year to you Beloveds!!!  Blessings unbound!  I’ve been walking and now I am back.  I hope all of you have been having fantastic adventures.  I have been on a few myself and I am in awe at the wonders of the universe even with the massive darkness we often encounter daily the light is brilliant.  When we did our Jamaica Retreat in July and our adventures consisted of climbing a three story waterfall, Hiking and Swimming in crystal pools of blue water in the jungle, Swimming and rafting down the Rio Grande,  Drifting on Bamboo down the river to where she meets the Sea- Yemoja.  I had no idea then that the year that lay before us would be carried by water.   I am so grateful for the guidance that lead me to journey to homeland and be engulfed in the element of water.  The blessing is upon as water is the main element of plentiful source in our world and it rules our existence and the day.  All seems right.  The Mother, the Sea- Yemoja.  Of course it is another feminine year as the divine continues to balance.  Allow yourself to be nurtured.  Allow yourself to nurture others as a mother would.  Let the power of water be your guide.  Water the one element that we all are mostly of, water which is always above us, and below us.  Liquid light.  The great reflector.  Nothing can be as hard as water or as soft!  Ase’O to the great Mother filled with deep Secrets and Ancient Wisdom.  Look to the feminine which is in us ALL!  And balance that second chakra!

affirmation- I walk in the beauty of the great feminine

with light