This month we are covering the third chakra.

Mantra- I Can!
Element- Fire
Sound- Rammm
Color- Yellow
Crystals- Citrine, Topaz
Scents- Bergamont, Eucalyptus

Now is the time to manifest! Love more, give more, receive more.


Pure untapped Power is what you truly are! The fact that we barely use 10% of our brains, but still we manage to drive cars, build buildings, fly planes and go to outer space says a lot. We should start wondering what we would accomplish if we started using 15% of our brains. Whoo Hoo, what would that be like? The fact is first you have to come into the realization of who you really are. You have to come into agreement with your higher self that you are not the sum total of your current existence. You have to come into agreement with just how powerful you are. You are a bright light vibrating at a speed that can not be measured by human standards. Once you come into agreement about your supreme magnitude then you will begin to slightly understand your immense power.