Sequencing is what sets teachers apart it is an art of knowledge and intuition.  Now that you have the knowledge you have received in your teacher training how do you begin to create the art of teaching through your intuition?

  • Learn how to truly build a sequence based on your class theme
  • Learn techniques to tap into the energy of the room
  • Learn how to build up to your designated peak pose 
  • Techniques to tap into your own intuition and create your signature as a teacher

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This is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Course- 30hr Certification for Yoga Teachers.  

20 contact hours and 10 field hrs

Investment- $550

To reserve your spot email- Purushayogi@gmail.com

@ Crenshaw Yoga and Dance



This method of identifying and cleansing the chakra system is not being taught anywhere.  Through this system students are able to receive amazing physical and spiritual breakthroughs that literally transform their lives.  Be one of the first instructors in this method of cleansing and aligning the chakras to help people realize more fulfilling spirit filled lives.

  • Learn what the chakras are, where they are, what they do, How to cleanse and align them for yourself and others.  
  • Learn specific asanas and Bija’s for each chakra and how to sequence for cleansing
  • Learn about the different Orishas that govern each Chakra

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This is offered as a Yoga Alliance Continuing education class for yoga teachers as well as a General Certification for Everyone

30hr Certification – 20 contact hours and 10 field hrs

Investment $600

Chakra alignment

To reserve your spot email- Purushayogi@gmail.com

@ Crenshaw Yoga and Dance