PURUSHA = one’s true self, regarded as eternal and unaffected by external happenings. Inner Guide, Inner Voice.

The main goal of the practice of yoga is to bypass the mind stuff so we can truly know who we are. To create a bridge between the higher self, the mind, and the body. THE GREAT MERGE! Through the awareness of love in the heart, practice, and meditation we can then allow the energy trapped in the base of our spine- called the kundalini to RISE.

The practice of yoga is about opening the heart so that the truth of who you are can shine. Everyone has a Purusha that guides, watches and comforts us in our most dark times. The one that needs nothing. The one who is completely connected and awakened in the glory of GOD! The one that is free, the seer, the lover, the teacher, the ancient, the light, The Purusha.

The founder of Purusha Yogi created these pages to help guide and bring about a sweet gentle knowledge in the awareness that you are a MASTER CREATOR. Sherida has had a practice for over 19 years that started due to a car accident. The accident left her with severe nerve damage and a tendency to overcompensate in certain areas of her body. She has found such healing, a higher level of consciousness and a quiet place to retreat to through practice that she shares that gift with as many as she can. When she is teaching her goal is to awaken you to your real teacher, YOU, PURUSHA.